HO Scale - 1/8 Concrete Block Corners

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Our Concrete Block Corners are easy to install, making the corners of your brick structure virtually invisible.

They are to be used with our 1/8" thick old brick sheets.

Each package includes 4 corner pieces, each are 6" long giving you approx. 24" in total.



Instructions: Remember to shorten your wall pieces by 1/8" on each side to accommodate the width of the Corner Piece. All wall sides need to be lightly sanded to ensure all ends that butt up against each other are square, or you will have gaps in your corners. Line up the concrete blocks on the corner piece with the blocks on the 1/8" sheet. Then cut pice to desired length.


The top row of the front and rear walls need to be complete blocks, the right and left sides needs to be a half a block, for the corners to work correctly.


Firmly glue in place with Canopy Glue, White Glue or Wood Glue. (We recommend Canopy Glue)


Paint and weather once all sides are attached. Remember use as little water as possible, no need to thin acrylic paints.

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