HO Scale - Old Cobblestone Sheets (2 pack)

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  • HO Scale - Old Cobblestone Sheets (2 pack)
  • HO Scale - Old Cobblestone Sheets (2 pack)


These Old Cobblestone Sheets have virtually invisible seams.

You can add them from end to end for a road as long as you need, add them top to bottom

to make them as long or wide as you need.


These Old Cobblestone Sheets are from an actual photo of a Cobblestone Street.The individual stones vary from 8" to 12"L X 8" to 9"W in HO scale.



- 7.4"L X 3.7"W

- Material thickness .025" (Lazerboard)

- 2 sheets per pack


You can keep adding sheets to make a road a long or as wide as you need. The sheets are tiled, meaning each side continues to the next sheet. Just make sure the directional markings on the back of the sheet are all facing the same direction.


You can install them directly onto your diorama or layout or glued separately to a thin surface like Chipboard. After assembly, painting and weathering can take place.

We recommend Formula 560 Canopy Glue to hold them in place, when fully cured it stands up to water or alcohol treatments for painting. We recommend gluing one piece in place at a time, let dry for 10-15 minutes then apply the second sheet. The second sheet should be forced up against the first piece to minimize the seam. Also make sure all the edges have glue on them. Keep weights on them until fully dry. We do not recommend painting the Old Cobblestone Sheets before installing.


Here is how the painted one in the photo was done.

1. Black Acrylic Fountain Pen Ink Wash.

- Using a small measuring cup (Cough Syrup Measuring cup).

- Add one teaspoon of 91% Alcohol.

- Add 15 drops of the Black Acrylic Fountain Pen Ink.

- Mix.

- By mixing the acrylic ink with alcohol, the black ink tends to have a blue/green hue. Which we want to have.

- Mixing the ink in water will paint the piece one solid color black, which we do not want.

- You will see why later.</p> <p>&

2. White Wash Base Mixture.<

- In a small cup mix five drops of White Acrylic Paint (craft store paint).

- Add two drops of water.

- Mix.

- Apply using a dry brushing technique. (The brush was a 1" Wash Brush)


To make more of the mixture, just increase the amount of ink or paint accordingly.

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    Posted by Bill Brooks on Sep 12th 2023

    Exactly what I was looking for

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