Plain Concrete w/ No Joints

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These Concrete Pavement sheets will give your scene the realism it needs.

Each sheet can be cut into individual pieces or laid down as a whole sheet.

- Fits HO Scale 

- Fits O Scale (1/48th)

- Fits S Scale (1/87th)

- Fits N Scale (1/160th)


Butting up the pieces completes the joint for the new section.

When cutting the pieces into sections, you can mix the cracked pieces and plain pieces together to create a custom look.  You can even cut them into smaller jointed sections.

You can use them for roads, walkways, pathways, drive ways, flooring, etc.


Use them anywhere you need jointed concrete pavement.



- 5.5"L X 2.75"W per sheet.

- 3 Sheets per pack

- Material: .025" thick Lazerboard, so it is easy to cut.


You can keep adding sheets to make a road a long or as wide as you need. You can install them directly onto your diorama or layout or glued separately to a thin surface like Chipboard. After they are glued down and dry, then painting and weathering can take place.


We do not recommend painting the Concrete Sheets before installing.

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